I am currently workin on a clothing line under the name


stay tuned my dearest inner and outta earthlings

meanwhile some magic



drawing and playing with colors
– I do that since I was little.
Tiny Toria spending days
sitting in her room, 
hour for hour,
loosing complete track of time.
A meditation master
without knowing.

What is left of u,
when u die?
I still loose myself in the arts.
Floating into
parallel universes.

The interesting part of making digital art for me is, that their is no real end to it.

I can continue forming the artpiece infinitly.
Blessing or curse, view of perspective.

With the digital lineart however I try to stay close to an analogue look.

can U tell the difference?

when I allow myself to use the real power of digital art programs,
I still let it flow as good as possible.
I let go of the fear that there is no end and welcome my intuition guiding my creative process.
I have discovered different styles in my art during the years.
I always let myself evolve, and try to not hold on to a style for too long, for it would hold me back of my journey – the real journey.
When I start with an artpiece I do not know where it will take me, but I do know it will turn out beautiful, if I put all my love into it.
Welcome to:

My circle art, as I like to call it – my 20’s style;  came through unexpectedly. I had one of those moments where I just did not like anything of what I was creating. It is in these moments where u question everything that the most surprising result appears – if u manage to let yourself go and say fuck it. Just let it go an put something on paper without fear.
It will feel like shit at first but then I could see that that shit was so detailed – so interesting, deep but yet light, fantastical in its compositions.

I had found myself my next artstyle – I would follow it for some time and sometimes for some earthlings now or then I still do.

proudly presenting to u my:

an ending without ending of course because where is an end in a circle?
Art is like a circle –
never ending and yet done –
round but eating itself.
I want to introduce u to my dragons, fairies and fantastical beings.
When I was little I believed
that my great great great grandma
was a fairy.
One of my ears is shaped like that, nowadays I know that
what I have told you is old wisdom
not a story,
with the only difference that
I realized it is not my
ggg grandma,
but me. 
I saw 1000 fairies in a forest ones.
Talking to the ocean,
the wind and the trees
came very natural to me –
I have been doing that since
I can remember.
I believed that Dinosaurs where misunderstood dragons
and that the strongest
survived longer than we have
been told.
I believe in unicorns, gnomes, trolls, giants – and in magic.
my dreams are since always very vivid.
I am not following the rabbit,
I am the rabbit,
So follow me,
deep down
my fantasy
has no

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