olivier desmet - 2022 - Amsterdam

pictures shot by earthlings:


“I am an Earth based soul who makes art and handpokes her own designs.”

Toria Vos is an artist born, raised & now again based in Berlin.
One of them lost unicorns of the city, drawn to nature –  living where the wind tells her to go –
Different cities like Utrecht, Amsterdam and Barcelona making beautiful connections through her 3. eye.

Art is her life. She is swimming in the pool of creativity and phantasie since a young age of this life circle and continous to dive.

“I believe it is important to choose my own reality. to be aware of my energy, my power & the magic in this world.

connect with yourself first, by listening to your body, mind and soul. Give yourself a special treatment, when you feel lost. Give yourself rest when you need rest. Give yourself a bath when you need to feel warm and relaxed. Give yourself some extra love and sex when you need the sparks. Respect and love your body, your mind and your soul – you can trust them the most. Do what you need to do and then when you feel the energy rising, be creative, meditate, do what you love to do, give yourself the time and space you need for yourself.
Patience is something to be learned.

The most important message of my art is to connect with all beings through ones third eye.

Start by connecting with nature: take walks outside, listen to the sounds around you, breathe in and out very consciously. You will start noticing little things during the day, stop for something interesting you see, a tree, a bug or a butterfly, take your moment, greet them and wish them a good day. It will put a smile into your face. 

Greet the wind when it gently touches your face, talk with the water and realize what a great listener she is, thank the fire for bringing light and warmth, and walk bear feat to connect deeper with the earth in mud and gras over stones and sand into it all.

Then when you feel at peace in your mind, connect with all human beings around you, we need and are in need to reconnect. Fuck fear. Hug and love dear darlins!

Smile at a “stranger” or wish them a good day it brightens up the energy. And energy is what surrounds us all. 

Open your third eye to the world and connect, always and with every living being on this planet, mother earth, that we are allowed to call our home.“

The thoughts go as deep as the roots of the trees, and as smooth as the waves stroking the beach with their white hair. Allow yourself to use your imagination and dream a little.

with much more love&light 4 u


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