open designs


eye leaf vase on myself

butterfly on judith

eye leaf nr 7 on sohail

butterfly on julez

a special spirit on tilly

balanced stairs on kim

handdrawn protection on trish

sun nr 8 on maj

eyeleaf nr 2 on mia

on fanny i did a special piece

She told me her story & I created a drawing while listening closely. when she saw the result – there were no words.


music by tikogo

 I want to tell u about some facts of what I do exactly:
handpoking  involves me using one sterile needle and vegan tattoo ink
which I poke dot for dot under the skin.
I beforehand put the stencil of the design on the chosen area or handdraw it directly on the spot.
I have made a whole ritual out of this process,
I do believe that by tattooing u, I put energy along with the ink under ur skin
– with that knowledge I always make sure that I feel good on the day itself.
Talking coming in one hand with silence on the other hand,
just being in the moment,
listening to ur choice of music
laughing about the slight pain.

I am practising the art of handpoke-tattooing since 5 years and I have had only beautiful encounters with very happy earthlings leaving. 

Here you will find all the tattoos I have made and the ‘open designs’.
Every design is only tattooed once.
I believe the one u choose is made for u, so practically it chose u already.
It will speak to u, u will c what I am talking about.
– with that –

I am looking forward to meet u.

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