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How I started tattooing..

Is a story fast to be told.
It was winter and it was cold.


was the year.
I found myself standing in the kitchen
wondering – asking myself,
what the big difference may be
doing dotwork with a pencil on paper
and poking someone with a needle, dot by dot
dotting a tattoo under their skin.
So I started to research,
a health class was my first step
and getting all the materials the second.
The third should have been practicing for a while,
I guess –

but THEN

my brother came visiting me over my birthday and asked
if I would be ready to tattoo, cause he is ready for sure.
Letting him know that I have not really practiced yet, did not change his mind: he was convinced I would do a great job, so I put ‘catdog’ on his leg.

A month later back in Berlin, two dear friends saw, were astonished, amazed and I saw a glimpse in their eyes.

They both trusted me with their underarms one week later…
& so it began.
The first year I got payed with love, trust, cake and weed.

Good times.

Since then I have evolved,

I am mostly poking my own designs.
I love the ritual behind a handpoked tattoo. The time we are taking, the quite&relaxing energy.
It is my profession,
one of my callings – to transfer and transform energy.

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