8 Teasers in one year to introduce my different art styles
At the end of 2024 the big TORIA VOS exhibition will take place
So far there have been 2 Teasers – let me show you

The third Teaser was special, because it was simultaniously a premiere of my sTore  On the 30th.March, a beautiful and calm Saturday in the middle of some holy days.

I showed 1 finished piece. 3 paintings that found their home in my parents house and 4 paintings that r still in process.

2 not spoil u with much insights – I invite u dearly to visit me at any time, at the magical place where I found my pirateship which will take me to space. 



at Danzigerstrasse 31, 10435 Berlin.

The second Teaser exhibition took place on the
22nd of February, 2024
at the Multilayer Bar close to Kottbussertor. 
That evening I showed 2 pieces of the Treefeetbeings, a video installation due to 8 old displays that are hanging in the bar and
a glas door which was filled with sketches, prints and drawings of the last years – to show the behind the scenes of my art journey.

Let me show you:

2 see the whole glassdoor watch this:

This Teaser´s limited prints are A3 Posters –
11 on a strong yellow and
11 on a lighter yellow:

I had prepared some close ups of my art, timelapses in clouds and this:

The first Teaser exhibition took place on the
11th of January, 2024.
Up till this day you can find one Face – the warrior – at QuasimodoBar Berlin.
I showed 9 pieces of this style. Three of them have never been shown before – it was a beautiful event, watch some insights:

With every Teaser there are limited Prints available –
the first one are 11 copies of the eye – on the back u can find my watermark stamp.

There r just a few prints left – if u r interested in one:

Walk around with me at the location and see 7 of 9 drawings:


previous tattoos

music by tikogo

137 – people
061 – legs   
093 – arms   
015 – feet   
019 – hands   
021 – bodys
009 – heads



The logos I create r significant in their handwriting and the combination of analouge and digital tools. The price range varies by how long the process takes.
Interested in ur own ?
click here


and for 36StageXL:
I created their banner the details:

&gave every venue a little Icon
like this:

58 in total – check them out here

this lighter – tower
I illustrated for the one and only
– the serpents eye –

more soon!

For Anna Mauersberger I created those and a few more illustrations. Furthermore I allowed her to use some of my art on her website, check out more here.



In Utrecht you can find a beautiful café called: Klein Berlijn.
In the summer they have an outside seating area, where you will find a wooden bar.

Leaves are drawn all over it – and eyes, because nature sees it all. Do you see it all?